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Cool Black T-shirt Designs

What better way to look cool, elegant, as well as hip than adorning a black shirt with cool puns and humorous lines imprinted on them that will not only make people admire your individuality but also shows how unique you are. Black is a color that never goes out of fashion and has always been in style especially if you customize it in the coolest possible way. We will guide you on the top three coolest designs for you to get on your black tees, make an impressive statement, and let them know who you are.

One of the most popular designs for black t-shirt is the Evolution of Bike (Dark) T-Shirt created by a witty designer known as “TheFamousLabel”. This black tee is going to attract a lot of guys who love to wear cycling shirts as it shows the evolution of man, from the homo-sapiens advancing into higher beings with a spearhead instead of an axe or a stone knife. At the end of the line is the fully evolved individual on a bicycle, so all the biker boys and girls will just love how sophisticated and cool this shirt looks. It is comfortable and casual so it will be quite a delight to wear. Manufactured from 6.0 oz, pre-shrunk 100% cotton, it has extra durability due to its double-needle stitch on the bottom and sleeve hems which not only provides extra durability but much more elegance.

Another one of the appealing designs is an imprint of an Octopus with Lollypop on the black t-shirt. An abstract design of a huge octopus with a lollipop in one of his tentacles, many people love how random and cool the octopus with lollipop t-shirt is. This shirt has a classic fit and is very comfortable. The print is also very sharp so it will look even cooler when contrasted with the black background which will also not get very dirty any soon. The imprint can be in a variety of colors and even after a lot of washing, the color will not wear off. Also manufactured from 6.0 oz, pre-shrunk 100% cotton, which makes it a must buy for people who love black t-shirts, and are available in minimal prices. It’s also stylish enough to get some heads turning. This can be bought online at Zazzle, so it will not really be a problem for you to find this cool black t-shirt.

Another popular black t-shirt design is inspired from the series the Big Bang Theory, in which the main character who is a super genius is very witty and his puns and dialogues are very much in trend these days. We would suggest you get the black t-shirt which has “BAZINGA” written on it in bold and bright yellow capital letters to add in the spice of your black tee. You can even get the one with Sheldon cooper on it with a thinking bubble on the top of his head, where you can get any dialogue of your choice imprinted. We hope these top three designs help you revamp your wardrobe!

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